The Track Record

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 The Track Record is a website compiling content and information on Thoroughbred horse racing both past and present, with a focus on providing easy access to hard-to-get information, summarizing disparate sources, and providing an international perspective. I've been collecting data and information, and as a strong believer in the free sharing of knowledge, wanted a place to share it and make it accessible to other people.

 This website is best viewed on a computer.

 The background image is 'Newmarket Heath, with the King's stables rubbing house at the finish of the Beacon Course', a painting by George Stubbs, superimposed with various public domain images, including sketches by James Seymour and Sawrey Gilpin, charts from historical archives of The Daily Racing Form and El sport ilustrado, entries from The General Stud Book, and images from Racing in America.

Last updated Aug 19, 2022